Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cuttingThe waterjet is possibly the most versatile cutting tool in existence, and at AquaJet Services, we are cutting with the highest pressure, most precise waterjet available on the market. Our 5-axis waterjet uses a 100 horsepower intensifier to pressurize water to 87,000 psi. At the cutting head, the pressurized water escapes through a .015″ diameter diamond orifice at a speed of nearly 2,500 miles per hour!

“We have cut .001″ thick shim stock and 16″ thick Waspaloy!”

Our cutting envelope is 81″ x 159″ x 6″; however, the table can be modified to accommodate even greater thicknesses. We have cut .001″ thick shim stock as well as 16″ thick Waspaloy, which is an extremely high strength superalloy used in turbine engines.

Can We Do Your Job?

We have very rarely turned a job away, but rather welcome opportunities to try new things and to learn more. The result of this is that we have been able to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge about waterjet cutting – its strengths and limitations, as well as the cutting characteristics of a wide variety of materials.

We routinely cut many different types of metals, but we also have experience in cutting many other types of materials – for example, brittle materials like stone, glass and ceramic, as well as very soft materials like rubber, foam and plastic. If you have any questions about waterjet cutting, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help!

Waterjet cutting


5-axis Waterjet Cutting

Our waterjet’s Dynamic XD head can cut up to 60 degrees from vertical. In addition to straight bevels, we can also make countersinks, turbine blades, or even very complex cuts where the cut angle is constantly changing. With the ability to generate machine code directly from a 3D CAD file, it is possible to go from a concept to a physical part very quickly.

Taper Compensation

Even for simple 2D cutting, the Dynamic XD head provides taper compensation to produce a true part that has zero taper at any cut speed. With this feature, you can get a precise part with no taper, without having to pay for an ultra-fine cut quality.


In most materials, in thicknesses up to about 1″, we are able to hold +/-.005″ or better. We cut parts on a regular basis that require tight tolerances; however, it is important to understand that better tolerances require slower feed rates and more setup time, which directly translates to higher costs. Where +/-.005 is attainable, decreasing the tolerance to +/-.010″ would already make a significant difference in price, and +/-.015″ would generally be attainable without even trying. Read our article “Waterjet Accuracy” for a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of waterjets.