Aquajet Services Design

Does your job need to be designed from scratch? Or do you already have a complete set of drawings and are concerned that the job will be produced to your specifications? At AquaJet Services, we are comfortable with starting at whatever stage you’re at in the design phase.

If you already have drawings—

Your drawings are thorough, and you are seeking a vendor who will satisfy the specifications on the drawings. For a job to be completed successfully, everybody involved in manufacturing must be able to read and understand the drawings. This is our focus. Our design team is not an isolated entity; rather, over half of the employees are proficient in CAD, enabling each one to participate deeply in the drawings.

We have purchased CAD software with a focus on versatility so that we can utilize all common file formats. Almost every job that we do involves CAD in some way. Internally, we tend to communicate job intent through 3D models because it is the language we are most comfortable with.

If you are designing from scratch—

While we don’t claim to be engineers, we do have extensive hands-on experience and can design creative and practical solutions that work in the real world as well as on the screen. We believe in collaboration and brainstorming as an effective way to solve problems. CAD software is like any other tool—it is only as good as the person using it. We have always focused on proficiency in fully utilizing our CAD software so that your ideas can quickly be transformed into digital prototypes, and from there into drawings which can be manufactured into completed projects. 

Even on jobs that could possibly be completed without CAD, the construction process is often streamlined by solving the problems with 3D models before the job gets sent out to the shop.