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Check Out Our New Toy!

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If you attended our Open House, then you already saw our latest waterjet. You were even lucky enough to watch it snorting through 9” thick steel!

We’re especially excited to make this announcement to all of our customers, and here’s the big reason… While this new machine is 5-axis and 87,000 psi just like our other machines, it is much larger than the others. The cutting envelope is 3 meters x 7 meters (for those of you who deal with high blood pressure whenever you’re given dimensions in metric, that is about 118” x 275”). So we can easily put a full 8’ x 20’ plate on the table and have plenty of room to spare!

You may have noticed that we’re giving you the X and Y travel on this machine, but not the Z. There’s a simple reason for that. We’re not accustomed to limiting ourselves to what the machine was built to accommodate. The Z on this machine is 12”, but if you have something you need cut that’s thicker than 12”, send it on over! When needed, we tear the slat system out and build special fixtures to drop the workpiece down into the tank. We’ve waterjet cut up to 18” thick stainless steel, so we’re not scared of big stuff!